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Narrative Features (Competitive)

Take Me Out
United States, 83 min., Color, English
BLOCK 6 A rebellious suburban Chicago teenager, who dreams of a normal life, combats his possessive baseball-obsessed father, while dealing with an unforgiving sibling rivalry in his self-centered brother, but after hitting rock bottom he forms an unlikely inner-city friendship that helps him find his path.
Screening with: Through my EYEs,
Joe Shanks
Joe Shanks
Joe Shanks
Darwin Smith, Sonya Barnes, Idrees Degas, Ray L. Baker, Jr.

Director Bio
Born in Waynesboro, Mississippi, Joe was always active in sports, but he also liked to write stories. After high school Joe enrolled at Jackson State University where he majored in Mass Communications. In the spring of his junior year, the curriculum at the time only offered one class that had any connection to scripted television or film. But that one Script writing class gave him his first insight as to how scripts were written. And In that same semester, he went to the Theater Department and enrolled in his first theater classes. In that same semester he began acting in the department productions and traveling with the department theater group that would later became MADDRAMA Performance Troupe. It was there where he developed his coordinating skills as he worked, watched, and learned how productions were put together from scratch. Joe would eventually graduate from Jackson State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with a minor in Theater. A year later Joe moved to Chicago and enrolled at Columbia College Chicago where he studied Film and Video. During his time there he would work on student class films, any local independent film sets that he could get on, and some big budgeted films that were shot in Chicago like Ali starring Will Smith and Jamie Foxx. Joe graduate from Columbia with a degree in Film and Video that concentrated on Directing. A few years after graduation, after he scraped up all the money that he could, Joe wrote, directed, and produced Take Me Out in Chicago. He auditioned and casted local talent as actors. And he hired fellow classmates and other Columbia film students to work as crew. It was his first feature length film.