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College Student Short Films- Competitive

Ball is Life
United States, 7 min., Color, English
BLOCK 1 Ball is Life is the story of a young female basketball star on the verge of earning a Division I scholarship under the intense coaching of her overbearing father. But when her hoop dreams are jeopardized by an unplanned pregnancy, she must decide which is more important, Ball or Life?
Terry Bluez
Terry Bluez
Megan StCin
Dani B. Green, Michael Green, Darius Alexander, Theo Bray

Director Bio
Terry Raper aka Terry Bluez is a 2nd year graduate film student at the University of Texas-Arlington. Born and raised in Waco, TX, he developed a passion for storytelling at an early age by writing poetry, music and short stories. After graduating high school he joined the Army where he completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After a seven year military career, he was honorably discharged from the service and returned to complete his BA degree in Communications Production where he began shooting music videos with a long time friend. He soon became fascinated with video and set his sights on a career in filmmaking. The majority of his work deals with the themes of race and identity and how that influences the human experience from a cultural standpoint