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College Student Short Films- Competitive
Trouble Man
United States, 2016, 30 min., Color, English
BLOCK 1 A 17 year old high school senior on probation has ambitions of getting into college. One night while walking home he unexpectedly decides to defend a young lady from an attacker. Will he go to great lengths to save a perfect stranger, or choose not to put his life in jeopardy?
Jackson Young
Jackson Young

Director Bio
Jackson Young is from Dallas, TX. He’s an alumnus of University of North Texas, where he majored in Radio, Television, and Film while minoring in Theatre. In undergrad Jackson was 1 of 8 selected within the major to write and direct a film. His film “Good Morning” went on to garner praise and accolades at film festivals nationwide. Upon graduating he matriculated into the American Film Institute to hone his craft in directing, which he later received his MFA. Early in his first year at AFI he was elected as Class Representative, and was re-elected to serve as the voice of the student body for his second year. His film “Real Nigga,” which he co-wrote and directed his first year was well received by the faculty, and is on exhibition if you choose to tour AFI. Jackson’s thesis film, “Trouble Man,” was awarded the Bridges/Larson grant for excellence in working with actors, and social responsibility. His films tend to be underdog dramas of person vs. organization represented by a diverse cast, layered with comedic beats. The mantra of his production company, Young World, is “entertain with social change.” He believes that there are demographics that are being unaccounted for in cinema, and his versatility allows him to transform his vision to reach any and all audiences by way of inclusion. Jackson is the most recent recipient of the Directors Guild of America student film award. “Jackson has to be one of the most special, talented, courageous… fellows ever to grace the halls of AFI.” This is what Peter Markham, head of the directing discipline had to say at the end of Jackson’s AFI career. Jackson is currently working on his feature version of Trouble Man.