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College Student Short Films- Competitive

Same Fruit, Different Tree
United States, 2016, 16 min., Color, English
BLOCK 1 This story follows that of an innocent sheltered youth by the name of Trey. He has a simple life and a great relationship with his mother. Yet, his entire world is rocked when his best friend Macey shows him a video of Eric Garner getting choked to death. Shocked by this new found discovery, Trey will never be the same. This short takes a very symbolic approach to the issue of Police Brutality. Many of these symbols pay tribute to those who have wrongfully fallen before. This is not just a story of discovery, it is also a story of the aftermath of what's left behind.
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Mansur K. Rashid
Mansur K. Rashid
Mansur K. Rashid, K. Giselle Johnson
Assistant Director
R. Delacy Petters III
Production Design
Billie Carter-Rankin
Darren Alford, Crystal Swann, Sakeenah Nasser, Kenneth Dickerson, Paul Radziak
Nia Smith- Dir. of Photography
Costume Design
Billie Carter-Rankin
Associate Producer
Lisa K, Satchell
Special Effects
Kenesha Tracy

Director Bio
Mansur Kwame Rashid is a twin, a Leo, a son to two amazing parents and a proud sophomore of Howard University. He has traveled the world and has spent majority of his childhood overseas in Dubai, UAE. Mansur is dedicated to making films that matter in an interesting and artistic way. He is not concerned with the norm and finds new ways to be different. Mansur would much rather make a biopic than a documentary and is fond of the biopic genre. He is constantly seeking to advance his skills and mind in the area of film.