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Short Films- Competitive
Bus Stop
United States, 2015, 6 min., Black & White, English
BLOCK 3 What would you do if you saw an old professor at a bus stop? What impact did they have on your life? What impact will you have on theirs, now that you are what you wanted to be?
Jason Bostic
Jason Bostic, Kendra Dobson
Jason Bostic, Kendra Dobson
Sean King, Patrick Gibney, Chris Proutt, Tim Hess

Director Bio
"Jason Bostic had an early interest in movies and moviemaking, and he credits his parents for it. They were always watching films from classics to anything current. He began as an actor, staring in 5 films; three of them shorts and two, full-­‐length. His first acting role was in a horror film where he was eating by a wolf. While acting in student shorts, he was inspired to become a filmmaker. He started filmmaking at the age of 24 as a student at the University of Texas at Arlington. He has directed 7 short films so far; five in film school, two outside of school. His first film outside of school is a Sci-­‐Fi short called On Time, in which a man travels back in time to stop an event. His second film is Bus Stop."