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Short Films- Competitive

The Storyteller
United Kingdom, 2016, 18 min., Color, English
BLOCK 13 Terrick Mitchell is a London black cab driver who has lost access to his children. Not satisfied with playing a bit-­‐part role in the upbringing of Bruno, 9 and Sasha, 7, he is determined to get them back and inspire them with traditional folklore from his native Ghana. Spinning colourful stories of Anansi the spider and the world of Ashanti folklore, Terrick’s boundaries between fantasy and reality soon begin to blur. After breaking into his ex-­‐partner’s house, Terrick stands over his sleeping children, faced with a decision that will change his life forever.
Alex Emanuel
Alex Emanuel
Lewis Rose
Okezie Morro, Manie Malone, Nyah Felix, Rio Chambers

Director Bio
Alex Emanuel is a London based filmmaker who works across both narrative and documentary projects. He has produced and directed output for television broadcasters throughout the world, including most recently, two projects that became the centre of BBC One’s mental health season. He has also been a producer on a number of short films that have had successful festival runs, including most recently Lewis Rose's comedy 'The Chop' which has won awards at Palm Springs, Krakow, Cleveland and Rhode Island. Alex comes from an African heritage, which has led to a fascination with traditional storytelling and music from the continent. He is currently developing a narrative feature film about London based West African musicians, as well as several high profile documentary projects about mental illness.