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Short Films- Competitive

Postal Short Film
United States, 2016, 29 min., Color, English
BLOCK 3 Adapted from the novel series bearing the same title, Cadina Wilson, a thirty-somethingish lady with a sketchy past, lands a position as a letter carrier at a Manhattan post office. As she realizes how physically and mentally demanding the position is, Cadina begins to learn a great deal about her fellow co-workers. The alcoholic, Freeman Souls, and his decision to cheat on his fiancee with the mysterious sexpot, Velour Patterns. The arrogant Lexington VanGuard and his quest of becoming a supervisor in order to rule the station with an iron hand. And the beloved James Richards, who finds himself fighting for custody of his daughter Janae and falling in love all at once. Soon, Cadina finds herself knee-deep in everyone's unstable world. But when a bitter employee makes a startling discovery, all hell really begins to break loose which results in an unforgettable, mind-blowing climax!
Peter McNeil
Peter McNeil
Peter McNeil, Pamela McNeil
Carol Mckenith, JaVarius Conway, Samara Scott, Brynn Mosley, Kineh N'gaojia, Rigo Nova, Ta'leena Ashley

Director Bio
Peter McNeil was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. He began his postal career in the early nineties as a temporary clerk before transitioning over to letter carrier for Cooper Postal Station in Lower Eastside, Manhattan. During that tenure, he held the title of Acting Supervisor for three months before returning to letter carrier so he could concentrate on penning his first novel. He currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Pamela and children Justin, Jordan and Milahn.