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Short Films- Competitive

Color Blues
United States, 2016, 7 min., Black & White, English
BLOCK 11 1955. A writer meets his most famous creation for some unexpected news: change her from Black to White
David Hebrero
David Hebrero
Trevor Doyle
Christina Leone, Jeff Bratz

Director Bio
David Hebrero is a multitalented Spanish artist based in LA. He started in the world of arts very young, being able to play guitar and piano on an advanced level by the age of 15. He then started coursing photography, and later on, when he was 16, he made his first short film. He wrote and directed several short films that have been nominated around the globe: Kimera Film Festival (Italy), RTVE awards (Spain), Emergencia Youth Film Festival (USA)... All his short film so far have gone around the world: WANTED, A NIGHT IN AUGUST, ELLA. He also graduated with an MFA in Filmmaking on the TAI School of Arts in Spain. Now, he is working on distributing his latest and most ambitious short film: Color Blues. A story about race and color in the world of arts; as well as developing his first feature film and playing blues around LA.