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Short Films- Competitive
Dr. Race - Practicing Medicine While Black
United States, 2016, 6 min., Color, English
BLOCK 2 The film "Dr. Race" chronicles the 20 year fight for justice by African-American physician Dr. Dralves Edwards. The film showcases how Dr. Edwards private practice was unjustly ran out of business due to denial of claims by the Medicare program. Through the look into Dr. Edwards story, Dr.Race highlights the American health disparity and the discrimination minority physicians face throughout the country.
Screening with: Jackson,
Micah Autry
Dr. Dralves Edwards

Director Bio
Micah Autry, a native of Houston, Texas graduated from the University of North Texas in 2015 where he majored in Media Arts. Micah began his filmmaking career while in high school. During his senior year Micah directed the short film LABELS which was an official selection into the 2012 South by Southwest film festival. After high school, Micah began his career as a freelance filmmaker; during that time he directed over 40 music videos for local artist, multiple promotional pieces, several short films. Micah currently owns a full service Fort-Worth based multimedia production company that allows him to continually peruse his passion for filmmaking.