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Special Invitational Selection

Word Warriors III
USA, 2015, 79 min., Color, English
BLOCK 8 WORD WARRIORS III sounds the alarm, calling an end to the cyclical epidemic of self- destruction that has attacked our black boys and young black men. A powerful social commentary that explores the circumstances of young African American men in today’s society, and explores the concept of using one’s words as a weapon vs. guns and violence. We examine the power of the mighty power of the WORD from the perspectives of a group of young Black men who are poets, as well as community activists, educators, and noted elder poets – aka THE WORD WARRIOR GRIOTS – who speak wisdom from a historical point of view and who have been instrumental figures in the Civil Rights Movement and in shaking the halls of injustice with their weapons of words. The film features powerful interviews and performances from Malcolm Jamal Warner; the late, great Amiri Baraka; Amina Baraka; Daniel Beaty; Pat’s Justice; Shirley Bradley LeFlore; Eugene Redmond; and Abiodun Oyewole of the Last Poets; to name a few. The film also includes a revealing roundtable with African American men who share their personal journeys that reflect the stories of so many black men in America that live in urban communities in our country, and many who have fallen prey to drugs, alcohol, violence, and gangs. Yet, despite these negative influences, these men have a message of hope to their peers and to future generations, encouraging them to “break” the cycle, and hope to motivate and inspire others to triumph over adversity and circumstance.
Jamal Joseph, Takia "Tizzi" Green
Takia "Tizzi" Green, Lyah Beth LeFlore
Takia "Tizzi" Green, Lyah Beth LeFlore

Director Bio
TAKIA”TIZZI”GREEN Bio “My secret to success is simple. Hard work, determination, living a spiritually centered life, and never allowing fear to block my mission to create and produce works that will change peoples lives,” says Producer Takia “Tizzi” Green. Green is now making her mark in the worlds of television, film, and music. Growing up in gang infested South Central Los Angeles can be equally challenging for young girls and her life could’ve very well taken a negative path, but thanks to music and a strong and supportive family, she has taken her talent from the ‘hood to Hollywood. Green’s Tinsel Town ascension started back in 1997. Green was one of 7 individuals handpicked out of thousands by Lions Gate CEO, Jon Feltheimer, the then EVP of Sony Pictures Entertainment and President of Columbia Tri-Star TV. Green soared in the Jon Feltheimer Diversity Mentorship program for Sony/Columbia Tri-Star Pictures.
Lyah Beth LeFlore
Lyah Beth LeFlore is a National Bestselling Author & TV Producer. She’s written eight books, and one of today’s most talented and respected creative forces for over two decades. Her vast and unique background has covered the gamut of television, film, music, and literature. She’s been featured in The New York Times, Essence Magazine, Ebony, Jet, and Entertainment Weekly; also on CNN and BET.