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Special Invitational Selection

Walk All Night: A Drumbeat Journey
USA, 2016, 86 min., Color, English
BLOCK 15 An idealistic social worker initiates an ambitious project to take a group of street musicians to West Africa. Fascinated by the sounds of bucket drummers she meets on Chicago's south side, Elilta Tewelde aspires to connect the young men to their African heritage through music. A native of Africa herself, she crowd funds a trip to Senegal where the teens will participate in traditional drumming workshops under a master percussionist and his family. But the cultural divide proves wide and problems surface along the way challenging the project leaders and bucket drummers to unexpected limits and discoveries about themselves
— IMDb
Screening with: Tha Bucket Heads,
Executive Producer
Elilta Twwelde
Mallory Sohmer, Kate Benzschawel
Alanna Schmelter
The Bucket Drummers, Demetrius Johnson, Damonte Williams, D'Quan Jackson, Dontay Liggins
Co-Director Mallory Sohmer, Co-Director Kate Benzschawel, Miguel Garcia-Dir. of Photography

Elilta Twwelde
Elilta Tewelde was a social worker for over 13 years. She has volunteered in  refugee camps in her homeland of Eritrea and has worked with grassroots organizations in the U.S. that focus primarily on  empowering African American youth. She established the Drum Beat Journey project to take a group of bucket drummers to Senegal in 2012.
Alanna Schmelter
Alanna Schmelter is a freelance video editor based in Chicago whose concentration of work is in narrative non-fiction television, docu-series & documentary.  Additionally, she works part-time for the post-production team at Kartemquin Educational Films, an acclaimed not-for-profit documentary company based in Chicago.
The Bucket Drummers
The bucket drummers in the film - Dontay Liggins , Demetrius Johnson, Damonte Williams and D’Quan Jackson- drum on 47th Street and the Dan Ryan highway in Chicago. Bucket drummers are a significant part of the city’s street performance culture. The community is made up of predominantly young black men who have taught themselves their own unique rhythms.  
Co-Director Mallory Sohmer
Mallory Sohmer is a freelance producer and director of commercials,  online content and documentary for ad agencies and production companies. Her film work includes directing the documentary The Living Documents and producing the comedy short The After Party.
Co-Director Kate Benzschawel
Kate Benzschawel is a director and producer for an International non-profit organization with the focus on humanitarian aid. Kate has extensive project management experience including video fundraising campaigns, marketing and social media strategy.  Independently, she co-produced the documentary The Living Documents.