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Workshop: Script to Screen "How to Make a Low Budget Film Under 100K
120 min.
Script to screen will provide students with a hands on, overview of all elements of filmmaking, from the treatment of the script, art design to the production and editing to final distribution. from developing a budget, business plan, investors memorandum, distribution, hiring crew and cast (How to get a recognizable name for your film.)
M. Legend Brown

M. Legend Brown
M. Legend Brown is an awarding winning self-taught filmmaker who has produced 4 feature films...Hiding in Plain Sight is playing now on TBN, Redbox, Amazon, Uplift TV, Pureflix, Christian Cinema. The film won 22 awards and was accepted to 35 festivals. My second and third film, Steps of Faith and A Man Called Jon are both on the festival circuit and have won over 45 awards apiece. Legend has just completed his four feature film "A Heart That Forgives" which is now starting the festival circuit