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Narrative Feature Competition
A juried competition featuring the best of international Cinema
USA/Israel, 2017, 82 min., Color, Yiddish with English Subtitles

Deep in the heart of New York's ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish community, Menashe, a kind, hapless grocery store clerk, struggles to make ends meet and responsibly parent his young son, Rieven, following his wife Leah's death. Tradition prohibits Menashe from raising his son alone, so Rieven's strict uncle adopts him, leaving Menashe heartbroken. Meanwhile, though Menashe seems to bungle every challenge in his path, his rabbi grants him one special week with Rieven before Leah's memorial. It's his chance to prove himself a suitable man of faith and fatherhood, and restore respect among his doubters.

Performed entirely in Yiddish, the colloquial language of the Hasidic community, MENASHE uses intimate, handheld camerawork to drop us inside and humanize a hermetically sealed world of black-hatted, working-class men debating in crowded shuls or seeking counsel in the rabbi's library. And yet, Menashe is in many ways an outsider in this tight-knit circle, as he bucks convention and ruffles feathers to stay true to himself.

— Sundance Film Festival
Executive Producer
Chris Columbus, Danelle Eliav
Joshua Z. Weinstein
Joshua Z Weinstein, Alex Lipschultz, Musa Syeed
Yoni Brook, Joshua Z Weinstein
Scott Cummings
Menashe Lustig

Director Bio

Joshua Weinstein a writer and documentary filmmaker from New York. In 2005, Weinstein directed his first short as a film student at Boston University. He made his feature directorial debut with the documentary film FLYING ON ONE ENGINE (2008), followed by DRIVERS WANTED (2012). His recent director of photography credits include CODE OF THE WEST (2012) and ELAINE STRITCH: SHOOT ME (2013), and the forthcoming BIKINI MOON (2017). Weinstein was also the director of photography for the short narrative film THE MINK CATCHER (2015), which won the Best Student Short Film Award at the 2016 Dallas International Film Festival. MENASHE marks his debut as a director of narrative fiction.
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