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Family Friendly

Edge Of The World
USA, 2017, 84 min., Color, English

Made in Texas, Edge Of The World is the story of Mitch Davis who has a long winning history as the Boys Ranch cross country coach. Admired for his leadership with at risk young men, he is well respected by his peers. But, since a devastating personal loss five years ago, Coach Davis has not been the same. Not the same coach, the same leader or the same man. In this weakened emotional state, Davis is wooed by a wealthy nearby school just as a new group of troubled kids join his team and need his mentorship. Coach Davis’ commitment to his team begins to wane as his fragile faith in the work he’s doing is put to the test by the attitudes of his new runners. The allure of a less complicated, more lucrative future begins to tempt him. At a crossroads in his work and in his life, Coach Davis must find the strength to heal and to once again find value in helping those that need him.

Randy Redroad
Richard T. Jones, Rex Linn

Director Bio

Randy Redroad is a Cherokee Filmmaker and one of the pioneers of Native Cinema. His feature debut, THE DOE BOY, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, where it won the prestigious SUNDANCE/NHK Award. The film went on to win 14 other festival awards and earned an IFP/Gotham nomination for outstanding directorial debut. Randy's second feature, AMONG RAVENS, starring Amy Smart and Johnny Sequoyah, was distributed by Gravitas Pictures. Randy co-produced and edited the Showtime documentary FIRST CIRCLE, an intimate look into the world of the Foster Care system. His other work includes the irreverent feature doc EVERYBODY HAS AN ANDY DICK STORY, the feature films WIND WALKERS, BEAUTIFUL WAVE, IBID and the award winning documentary EARTH MEETS WIND. Originally from Lubbock, Texas, Randy lives in Los Angeles with his wife Jaki Lynn and his son Ranger Lee.