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TV Pilot

Build A Boo
United States, 2017, 19 min., Color, Digital, English
Two best friends decide to fix their screwed up love life with construction paper and a little crazy ass faith.
Michelle Daniel
Jean-Pierre Chapoteau
Michelle Daniel, ParKer Bryant
Michelle Daniel
Kennie Nicole, Tamika Shannon, Terrance Sims, Tyler Prynce, Jasmine Sargent, Isaiah Rogers, Cherie Antoinette

Michelle Daniel
Michelle A. Daniel is the true definition of a serial showrunner. Dominating and taking the black independent film market to another level, she has produced 12 web series and 3 short films. Michelle is expanding her brand from web series to a full functioning television network, called The Damn Network, a platform that provides black filmmakers who share the same passions of quality film work, like herself, the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Michelle is moving toward her goal of becoming one of the greatest female showrunners of her time.