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Documentary - Feature
2nd Chances
98 min.
This docu-film shed's light on the Texas prison system, laws, and systemic issues affecting a small community, Terrell, Texas, just outside of Dallas, Texas. The film is heartbreaking, emotional, raw and overall inspiring.The director, Dav Lewis, gives the audience a glimpse into his personal story that has inspired his life of Giving Back and Activism.
Dav Lewis
Hilarion Banks, Scott Hilburn, Jeremy Rovny
Ben Duffy, Kelby Woods
Tarance Gladney, Craig Watkins, Antoine Simmons, Christopher Gipson, Byron Mims, Dav Lewis

Director Bio
Dav Lewis is a native of Terrell, TX. He attended Abilene Christian University where he was an All-American Football and Track & Field Athlete. After completing his degree in biology, he relocated to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in entertainment. Like many other athletes, Lewis began modeling which lead to his Adidas Ad Campaign to launch his career. Lewis then went on to land the lead role in the comedy series "Not By Choice". With a strong passion for humanity, Lewis's recent projects include a conscious clothing line, WOKE WORLD ( More than just a brand, WOKE WORLD delivers a powerful message aimed at Educating, Empowering, and bringing Awareness to issues affecting voiceless communities. Other projects include nonprofit organization 2ND CHANCES.LIFE ( This organization provides hope for many hopeless those re-entering society after incarceration by providing counseling along with other critical services including job placement, housing, and further education. To learn more about Lewis's philanthropic efforts and his community outreach programs click here Philanthropy. Lewis's career in entertainment spans 15+ years with majority of his work in front of the camera, modeling and acting. Lewis's debut as talented director and producer is evident in his behind the scene work on the 2018 award-winning documentary, '2nd Chances'. This heartfelt film brings awareness to individuals seeking a second chance after incarceration. Aligned with the goals of his non profit organization.
Scott Hilburn
Assistant Directors of Cinematography.
Jeremy Rovny
Assistant Directors of Cinematography