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Documentary Short

Lotte that Silhouette Girl
United States, 9 min., Color, English
Helen Short, puppet maker in attendance And so with music, magic, and a stirring narration by Lotte herself, LOTTE THAT SILHOUETTE GIRL tells the largely unknown story of one of animations’ biggest influencers. Her unique style of storytelling and visual contrast inspired many, including modern-day filmmakers Henry Selick, Anthony Lucas, and many others. Lotte's 1926 film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed is the oldest surviving feature-length animation, and she also invented the multi-plane camera, both of which changed the field of animation forever. And sadly, both feats are often mistakenly credited to Walt Disney. This stunning documentary uses Lotte’s unique silhouette style as it re-writes history from a new point of view to tell the magical and charming fairy tale that was Lotte Reiniger’s life. It is a visual symphony that will delight audiences with its smart, artful, and romantic animation accompanied by a truly imaginative and emotional musical score as well as the wonderful narration of Lotte’s gravely and thickly accented voice.
Carla Patullo, Elizabeth Beecherl

Director Bio
Also known as White Widow, Carla Patullo is a visual media composer with a sound that moves from industrial to lush orchestral and beyond. Her music is featured in the award winning film Spa Night, which premiered at Sundance. Her scores have won numerous awards, including being a Music and Sound Award Finalist, multiple Global Music Awards and Hollywood Music in Media Award nominations.

Born in Lubbock, Texas, Beecherl has worked as an architect for several years on projects that have been published in The New York Times, Dwell, and many other design publications. She started animating and making films after watching Lotte Reiniger's animations and falling in love with the medium of silhouettes.