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Short Block
Chip Lord
56 min.
CHIP LORD "We are living right now in the midst of a global climate emergency and social crisis that demands immediate response and long-term adaptation. We must prepare for the coming storm- not in thirty or forty years, but today.” - Roy Scranton, Learning to Die in the Anthropocene Miami Beach Elegy is a visual poem remembering Miami Beach as it was in the early 21st century – a colorful canary in the mine shaft that is climate change. Shot in an observational style and using haunting music by composer Hayden Pedigo, Lord has fashioned a beautiful and dark landscape portrait of place. Like biologists who are studying the Rabbs Fringe limbed tree frog in central panama as it goes extinct, Lord is “trying to catalogue what was out there before it was lost.” Valley of the Sun, 2018, 26 min HD video CHIP LORD "...our Hollywood imagination of disaster is dominated by the blockbuster spectacle of some future, definitive event that triggers a system of collapse. In reality, the apocalypse has already begun." - Andrew Ross, BIRD ON FIRE, 2011. Valley of the Sun is a poetic look at the "future in the present", a video album of songs about Phoenix in the Anthropocene. Original music composed and performed by Hayden Pedigo and stunning cinematography by Christopher Beaver propel Chip Lord’s film. Produced and Directed by Chip Lord Cinematography by Christopher Beaver Sound design and mix by Jim McKee