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6 min.
MR. STANLEY: THE MERCHANT PRINCE is a moving portrait of the visionary man behind “the store,” a colorful, multi-faceted personality whose genius helped create the ultimate retail experience. Set amongst glimpses of celebrities, the fabled Fortnight extravaganzas and "Mr. Stanley's" eye for luxury, the film includes images from the vast reservoir of Marcus archives housed in SMU's DeGolyer Library and rare footage the UNT Libraries Special Collections. Labeled "America’s Merchant Prince" and "The Melancholy Plato of Retailing," Stanley Marcus achieved international recognition as an arbiter of taste, yet he was also known for conspicuously seeking a culture of inclusion evidenced by his hiring practices, philanthropy, international perspective and community leadership. In the 1960’s Marcus was adamant that his company needed to take action to promote racial equality and as a result Neiman Marcus was one of the first companies in the nation to give preference to purchasing from those who employed and trained significant numbers of minority employees.
Screening with: 306 Hollywood,
Mike Mullins, Miles Hargrove
Melina McKinnon Cain, Jason Cirone