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Short Films
The Devil and Tommy Simpson
United States, 7 min., Color, English
The Devil and Tommy Simpson is a modern day take on the Faustian tale of Robert Johnson. The story takes place at the Belmont Hotel, where Tommy Simpson (aka -topic) arrives to attend a musician’s after-party. After arriving at ‘Room 1’ Mr. Simpson realizes that this is not the party that he imagined. He instead finds himself sitting face to face with an unknown entity who’s desire is to strike a deal. Short Film Block has Adult Themes and Adult Language
Edward Chalupa

Director Bio
Edward Vincent Chalupa is a documentarian currently based out of Dallas Texas. At a young age, he learned to shoot video with his family’s Hi8 camcorder. After studying robotics and photography in high school he decided to pursue a bachelor degree in Radio, Television and Film at the University of North Texas. During that time, he worked as an on-air radio DJ at the local jazz radio station, KNTU (FM 88.1), and developed dogma style video content using his Mini-DV camcorder. Since graduating from UNT with a focus in cinema verite, he has worked as an editor and producer in the television and education field.
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