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Short Films
Illegal Rose
United States, 12 min., Color
Illegal Rose is a short film about an unlikely friendship between Rose, a tired, disengaged, almost retired nurse's aide who accidentally kidnaps Sylvie, a 7 year-old ICE Detention Center runaway on the 4th of July. Inspired by Langston Hughes's short story, "Thank you, ma'am," Illegal Rose explores respect, decency and kindness through the eyes of two people of different generations, ages, races and legal status, as they navigate their choices and the consequences. The story reminds us that we are all human and no human being is illegal.
Deborah Riley DRaper
Jasmine Guy, Lucca Rodriguez-Pedraza

Director Bio
Deborah Riley Draper is a filmmaker and advertising executive. Her first documentary Versailles ’73: American Runway Revolution made its first appearance at the Marche du Film in 2012. The film had a limited theatrical run in the U.S and is distributed by Filmbuff. The film won both festival, critical and audience acclaim, including The New York Times, The LA Times and the St. Louis International Film Festival. Versailles ’73 had its cable TV premiere on Viacom’s Logo TV in September 2015. The documentary is optioned by Director Tate Taylor (The Help). Deborah Riley Draper’s second project Olympic Pride, American Prejudice, narrated by veteran Hollywood Actor Blair Underwood, reveals the seminal moment in Civil Rights when 18 African American defy Jim Crow and Aryan supremacy at the 1936 Olympics. Draper’s next project is a twisted love story set in the Harlem Renaissance.
Jasmine Guy
"Rose" - " A Different World, School Daze, Vampire Diaries "
Lucca Rodriguez-Pedraza
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