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Short Films

Solomon's Dilemma
United States, 16 min., Color, English
Two Brothers have lead two very different lives and now Solomon has to choose between his future and his brothers. Is blood really "thicker than water", or will Solomon turn his back on the brother that has supported him his whole life?
Michael L. Jackson

Director Bio
Michael L. Jackson begin in film as an intern in 2001 at a local production company. After the first day of production the producer, impressed with his enthusiasm and ambition, hired him as a production assistant. Shortly after he was promoted to head production assistant, then worked on thirty professional national television commercials. After working with the production company for several years, Michael founded “Idle Time Cinema” a full-service production company specializing many projects, to include music videos, web commercials, short films and a local television show called “Journey to Fame”. In 2014, Michael entered a joint venture under JRAD productions with the goal of producing a feature film, beginning with a stream of three short films, leading to the feature set to begin production 2018.
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