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Short Films

United States, 26 min., Color, English
A woman on the verge of getting married walks in a room full of her ex lovers. Before she marries her husband to be, she's forced to face her former demons in past relationships. When the conversations get intense with her ex lovers, she has to confront her fears on the realities of saying 'I do'.. And what forever really means. Will her exes give her closure? NOTE: ADULT LANGUAGE
Screening with: LiME, Cooley High (1975) -Classic,
Tommy Dunn

Director Bio
Been Directing since 2014 Been Writing since 2014 Been Edits since 2014 Been Doing Graphics since 2006 Born and Raised in Dallas, Tx, Graduated High School at Richardson High School. Graduated College with a Bachelor in Business at Langston University in 2004. Started doing graphics first as a club/event promoter, brought a small $150 camera just to do small visual, back in 2010 or 2011, end up really enjoying the process of filmmaking and editing. Purchase my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D3200, and the rest was history. After a few films, I learn this is something Im very passionate about.
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