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Short Films
United States, 5 min., Color, English
After a late-night, 3 friends are stalked by a woman. The Devil and Tommy Simpson is a modern day take on the Faustian tale of Robert Johnson. The story takes place at the Belmont Hotel, where Tommy Simpson (aka -topic) arrives to attend a musician’s after-party. After arriving at ‘Room 1’ Mr. Simpson realizes that this is not the party that he imagined. He instead finds himself sitting face to face with an unknown entity who’s desire is to strike a deal. Short Film Block has Adult Themes and Adult Language
Bobby Coston

Director Bio
As an actor in a growing market, Bobby James Coston J.r. needed more outlets in-between projects to build his resume. Bobby always enjoyed watching and studying films. He also enjoyed writing short stories in script format. From there he decided "why wait?" and began creating his own films.
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