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Short Films
Canada, 8 min., Color, English
Owen and his mother grapple with the realities of Owen coming out as transgender and explore the complexities of transitioning from a mother-daughter relationship to a mother-son relationship.
Screening with: Epigenetics, The Birth of Deceit,
Tristen Sutherland

Director Bio
Tristen Sutherland is a director/writer, whose storytelling highlights queer people of colour. Their stories present an understated lens on the queer community, highlighting the experience of the black queer community. Highlighting the fractured identity that often comes with being black and queer, often being seen as too black to be queer and too queer to be black. Sutherland has written for the web series “North of Sherbrooke” and has most recently written and directed “Owen,” a film that tracks the journey of a teen coming to terms with their gender identity.
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