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Workshops and Panels
Social Justice: Criminal Justice Panel
90 min.
FREE PANEL w/LIMITED SEATING- RSVP by Adding to Cart -Recently, considerable attention has been given to the War on Drugs as a catalyst to the spike of mass incarceration in black and Latino communities. In addition, there has been greater visibility of police killings of unarmed black people. During this panel, we collect community leaders to discuss the antecedents, consequences and potential remedies to mass incarceration and police violence directed toward black communities
Chief Frank Dixon, Dr. Gabrielle Smith
Dr. Tony E. Carey Jr

Chief Frank Dixon
Chief Frank Dixon was sworn in as the chief of police for the city of Denton, Texas on October 11, 2018. Before coming to Denton, he served 23 year on the police force in Austin, Texas, climbing to the rank of Assistant Chief of Police. In addition, Chief Dixon is a veteran of the United States Marine Corp and a graduate of Lamar University.
Dr. Gabrielle Smith
Dr. Gabrielle Smith is an assistant professor of psychology at Texas Women’s University. Her research and teaching interests focus on stereotype threat and the social consequences of intersecting identities. Dr. Smith’s work has been published in numerous outlets such as Health Education and Behavior, Journal of College Student Development and the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.
Dr. Tony E. Carey Jr
Dr. Tony E. Carey Jr. is an associate professor of political science department at the University of North Texas. He specializes in the areas of public opinion and political behavior, with primary interests in racial and ethnic politics, gender politics and political psychology. Dr. Carey’s work has been published in several journals such as the American Journal of Political Science, Political Research Quarterly, Politics and Gender, Politics, Groups, and Identities and Urban Affairs Review.