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Web Series

United States, 26 min., Color, English
Set in East Austin, the five-part narrative film series follows three black millennials who, in addition to grappling with their newfound status as outsiders within their rapidly transforming neighborhoods, are facing deep-seated personal struggles. Episode 101 Denial- Battle lines are drawn between siblings as Coretta battles to find purpose after losing the only parental figure she has known while life brings new beginnings Aaron’s way. Dania grapples with her past and dating life. Episode 102 Frustration - An unannounced visit brings tension between Coretta and Aaron to a head. Dania sets out to find a place of her own and meets an unlikely love interest in the process. Mia shares news that will change their lives forever.
Screening with: Adultin', The Circle, Where My Girls,
Tia Williams

Director Bio
Screenwriter, Director, Producter, The path to greatness for a woman of color in life, as well as entertainment, isn’t always the easiest. Within the mind of Tiara “Tia” Williams her dreams aim to bring reality to both the silver screen and the male dominated entertainment industry. Born in Austin and raised in a small town right outside of the city of Houston, Tia followed in her mother’s footsteps and moved back to the weird city as an adult. Tia found her creative niche while podcasting about entertainment and politics and began blogging about victims of Police brutality. Soon after she began combining her true love for writing and passion for people of color and expanded her storytelling abilities with short stories and screenplays. In 2018 Tia made the decision to leave her position at a well-known tech company and make her dreams a reality. Since she has been featured in Austin Monthly Magazine, The Austin Chronicle, The Austin American-Statesman and many others. Her latest project "Gentrified" has garnished national attention and aims to capture the financial and emotional effects of gentrification through a thought-provoking dramatic narrative web series. As a new filmmaker Tia’s goal is to use HER art to