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Documentary Features
Spencer Williams: Remembrances of an Early Black Film Pioneer
United States, 56 min., English
Chronicles the lives and careers of African-Americans who've made their mark on entertainment industry. The film documents how these entertainers got their start in the business, their struggles in the primarily-white world of the time, their bodies of work, and the impact they've had on African-Americans and others.
Walid Khaldi

Director Bio
Director, Producer. Archivist. DBFF Historian Walid is a film archivist that specializes in the preservation of images and events from our past. His focus is primarily forgotten parts of our history; stories that have been told by African Americans in film particularly in the early days of cinema. This type of information is difficult to locate and remains historically significant. Included in the research is the body of works from filmmakers like Oscar Michaeux, Spencer Williams, William Alexander, the still-controversial Stepin Fetchit, and others. He is one of the foremost authorities in the world on African American Cinema. Additionally Walid Khaldi develops original projects from various historic time periods.