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DBFF Interactive Tech Expo
Tech Talk: Augmented Reality’s growth inspires Career and Business growth
45 min.
Tech Talk (Free) with Cyndi McCoy- BIT: Q & A Follows Augmented Reality (AR) blends reality with the digital world. The technology helps us experience and design the future, whether creating stories for the film industry or helping physicians and patients visualize healthcare scenarios. This presentation provides insight into how growth in Augmented Reality can be leveraged to enhance career and business goals.
Cyndi McCoy

Cyndi McCoy
Cyndi McCoy is a multifaceted founder of the DCOM Corporation, a company that provides new product development and digital transformations for enterprise and startup Business-to Business customers in the Financial Services, Healthcare, Information Technology, and Retail industries. She is the author of Keep Your Feet Moving and Navigate Challenges on the Road to Entrepreneurship. Contact:
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