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DBFF Interactive Tech Expo
Tech Talk: Virtual Reality in the Classrooms and Beyond
45 min.
There are a myriad of companies that use online platforms which interact with children through video and voice interfacing. Such companies include: VIPKID, iTutor, and DadaAbc. These platforms are geared towards a South Eastern population. Creatives are needed in the increasing field of online education. They can be used to create worlds and characters that resemble the students that use the platform. The goal is to create such technologies that are attractive to students in a Western context. Other talking points 1.Changing needs in Education 2.Technology use in the classroom 3.What technologies are used today 4.Why VR instead of video and voice interfacing 5.The rise of online education 6.Need for my startup company 7.Creatives role in advancing VR tech in online education
Heidi Edwards

Heidi Edwards
Heidi D. Edwards, M.Ed, MDiv, is an experienced educator with 13 years in the classroom. She specializes in working with children with learning disabilities and language acquisition needs. In her years of teaching, she spent 7 years in Indonesia where she gained incredible experience learning about the Eastern methods of educating children and young adults. Upon her return to the States, she has engaged in online platforms that allowed her to teach children and adults in China. Currently, Heidi is developing a virtual classroom that appeals to the imagination and creativity of children and teens. She believes that children are more apt to learn when they are fully engaged and feel apart of the environment where learning is taking place. CONTACT - Heidi D. Edwards Email -
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