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Tech Talk: Cybersecurity Lessons from ‘The Matrix’: Did we all take the blue pill in the end?
45 min.
Tech Talk (Free) Cybersecurity Lessons from ‘The Matrix’: Did we all take the blue pill in the end? with Angel Mosley: Q&A to follow. This brief, interactive discussion points out similarities between the dystopian movie ‘The Matrix’ and our obsession with the digital world, highlighting ways to stay vigilant and informed when it comes to Cybersecurity – Internet Safety and Awareness to protect the ever-growing connected devices that you and your kids use daily. Major Source: Internet Safety by TrendMicro
Angel Mosley

Angel Mosley
Angel Mosley, CISA, Founder, CyberSecurity GameChangers Youth Outreach has 15+ years of Consulting, Training and Leadership experience in CyberSecurity, Privacy, and Risk Management and serves as a strategic advisor to multiple CISOs, Executives, and Non-profit Boards. She has spoken, presented and instructed at over 20 Tech & CyberSecurity conferences, organizations, and workshops. In 2018 Angel created CyberSecurity GameChangers, a non-profit that hosts NextGen Symposiums and Beyond School programs for youth 11 - 17. ‘GameChangers’ exposes kids from all walks of life to the benefits of learning sustainable skills that will strengthen their family dynamics for future societies. In addition, in 2019 Angel became the first ‘Beyond School’ Program Director of Geekletes Esports. Geekletes’ Beyond School offers project-based afterschool and summer programs. We work with afterschool organizations, school districts, and charter schools to offer professional Esports curriculum, workshops, industry speakers and job-embedded training that equip students with the techniques needed to promote career and college Esports readiness. CONTACT - #SecKidHero | Contact Info: Angel Mosley ~ 214-232-8324 | | @SecKidHero | #SecKidHero
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