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2020, 72 min.
Mark Birnbaum takes a fascinating look into photographer Byrd Williams IV s journey to preserve 400,000 photographs, cameras, letters and journals from his great-grandfather, grandfather and father.
Mark Birnbaum
Byrd Williams IV

Director Bio
Mark Birnbaum is an American producer, director and editor, who has made a number of documentaries. Birnbaum began making films while serving in the United States Army as a photographer and filmmaker in Vietnam
Byrd Williams IV
His work is in the Amon Carter Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He's had gallery exhibitions, shot photos for glossy magazines and has taught photography at Collin College for more than 20 years. But the greatest, most lasting contribution of Byrd Williams IV to the art of photography and the history of Texas will probably be his assembling, preserving, cataloging and donating the Byrd Williams Family Photography Collection at UNT. It's the 120 year-output of a photographic dynasty, four generations of photographers, nearly 400,000 negatives and prints.