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Dallas Arts Go Digital
85 min.
In the 1930s, as part of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and its Works Progress Administration effort, the federal government hired more than 10,000 artists to create works of art across the country, in a wide variety of forms — murals, theater, fine arts, music, writing, design, and more. It was part of a plan to stimulate economic recovery for a country reeling from the Great Depression, widespread poverty, and high unemployment. Private and public partnerships to protect a vital U.S. industry will pay off, especially in hard-hit cities and Dallas is no exception. This program will focus on the Dallas Arts groups using video to transform what they usually do. As many in the visual, literary, and performing arts turn increasingly to virtual outlets for engaging artists and audiences, these artists have not lost sight of opportunities for socialization through the arts. The hunger to attend live events with other people rate consistently as a top motivator, just as the lack of people with whom to attend is often a key barrier—as is an inability to get to the physical location These are Dallas Art Groups that have come up with ingenious methods of fusing physical and virtual opportunities for arts engagement will have permitted a larger and broader distribution of Americans—from all racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and geographic background Danielle Georgiou of Danielle Georgiou Dance Group released her first feature film this summer. The Savage Seconds was intended as a theater production but was adapted to film when the COVID-19 pandemic forced arts venues to close. The experimental piece follows a 14-year-old girl who is sent home from boarding school during a plague, only to find absent parents, malicious siblings, and a world in political turmoil and faced with the disease.
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