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Television in an Era of Racial Reckoning
45 min.
The past year has seen the fault lines of our country exposed and exploited, and we've seen loss to an unmatched degree. Through all the grief and introspection, the divisions of our country have been made crystal-clear. At this critical inflection point, the ACLU has launched "Systemic Equality", a bold platform which reimagines the broken systems that are woven into the fabric of our society. But imagining an anti-racist, healed America means not just bold policies, but bold storytelling. TV producers and writers, along with an ACLU expert, will sit down to discuss how to repair inequitable systems, and build a future through storytelling, both on and off the screen in TV today.
Monica Macer, Little Marvin, Ashley Nicole Black, Kay Oyegun
Darryl Ewing

Monica Macer
Writer/Producer, "Gentefied," "Queen Sugar"
Little Marvin
Showrunner/EP, "Them"
Ashley Nicole Black
Writer/Actor, "A Black Lady Sketch Show"
Kay Oyegun
Writer/Director/Co-Executive Producer, "This Is Us"
Darryl Ewing
Communications Director, ACLU of Texas
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