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Short Films - Narrative and Documentary

Don't Drink the Water
United States, 2017, 11 min., Color, English
Molly's hesitations about having children are troubling her life and her dreams. Her husband, Danny, is ready for kids, and Molly doesn't want to ruin his excitement. At a barbecue with friends and family, Molly must navigate the gauntlet of pressures from her loved ones, who all have children of their own. She must find the courage to tell Danny how she feels before her fears damage her relationship with her husband beyond repair. DIRECTOR Issa Currie in attendance.
Issa Currie

Director Bio
Issa Currie lives in Frisco, Texas with his wife Emma and 7-year-old son Neo. After working in the restaurant industry for 8 years and getting as high as restaurant consulted for Twisted Root Burger Co. he quit everything and went back to school. He studied Radio/TV/FILM and Business Management at the University of North Texas graduating with a Bachelors and a Minor. He proceeded to find a job working for Funimation as a Video Editor. With a passion for Director and Editing films, Issa joins forces with Jeramie Wilkinson and Empty Theatre Productions. He brings a great creativity and an eye for storytelling. In his free time, Issa loves to play basketball, video games and to watch his son play sports. Grateful for an amazing family, friends and films friends, Issa makes sure everyone that works on his set come away with a sense of accomplishment. Because everyone’s time and work are important to him.
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