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Documentary Feature

United States, 2018, 57 min., Black & White and Color, English
WORLD PREMIERE- The fallout of a sibling's suicide on a family, the accelerated deaths of the parents and the investigation into the root cause. Brian was “the glue that held everything together,” recalls a family member in the first few minutes of “Masterjam.” To some it probably wasn’t a surprise, then, when things fell apart after he took his own life. Brian’s brother James uses the footage gathered during his time as the family’s unofficial historian to examine the circumstances of Brian’s passing, the deterioration of their parents, and the roles that music, prescription drugs, and mental illness have played in the collective life of the Curry family. Simply edited, delicately produced, and fiercely honest, “Masterjam” presents the challenges of American (and African-American) family life in a vulnerable and relatable way. Director/Writer/Producer James Curry in attendance.
Screening with: Le 27 Juillet, Little Church,
James Curry
James Curry
James Curry
James Curry

Director Bio
James has been active in the industry for over 25 years. Educated at Full Sail and AFI, he has worked on numerous projects in LA and Minneapolis ranging from trailers, promo’s, epk’s, commercials, music videos and broadcast for NBC, FOX and ABC. He is the recipient of multiple Telly awards including an epk for Outkast’s “Stankonia”. Other projects included documentary work for Prince, Virgin Records, Best Buy and ABC. Currently his documentary "masterjam" is in its festival run.