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Narrative Feature

Frank Blue (R-Rated)
United States, 74 min., Color, English
WORLD PREMIERE- From the Director and Producers who brought you the award winning film "Hands Up Don't Shoot" brings to you the new highly anticipated urban drama "Frank Blue" Frank Walker, known in the streets of South Central Los Angeles as Lil Dirt gets released from prison after serving 8 years sentence. As he plans on starting over , leaving the gang life behind him and getting a new lease on life, he pursues raising his son and starting a new career in music. While things are starting to look up for him, his past begins to haunts him making him face a decision that could change his life for better or worse. DIRECTOR: Jaylee Thompson and Producer: Jasmine Denise- In Attendance
JayTee Thompson

Director Bio
Award winning Director, JayTee Thompson has been directing films for the past 10 years. Implementing spiritual realism and inspirational coaching to his methods of directing, Mr. Thompson brings a different flavor to the film industry. Not only bringing out the best in his characters but also bringing awareness to the minds and souls of his actors. He’s also known from his TV appearances, starring on hit shows such as MTV's Pimp My Ride (2005), MTV's Yo Momma (2006) BET's College Hill: Virgin Islands (2007) and The V.I.P Hideaway (2012-2014). After BET’s college Hill in 2007, JayTee Thompson started directing films. In 2008, he filmed his first feature film “Death By Association”. The film starred himself along with Tyrone Burton, DJ Infant Jay, Prentice Jones and OG Cuicide. He also produced the entire soundtrack and self distributed the film by himself. Also he edited the entire film as well, so over the years he sat quiet writing countless amounts of music and scripts, honing his skills as a self taught all around entertainer. In 2017, he won awards and was nominated multiple times for his hit short film "Hands Up Don't Shoot ". Continuing his momentum, he filmed three more films which are set to change the pace of the race, same as "Hands Up Don't Shoot".