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Narrative Feature

Canada, 2018, 93 min., Black & White and Color, French w/Subtitles (with English subtitles)
US PREMIERE- She’s a Quebecer. He’s a foreigner. She’s married. He’s a young single dad. His name is Oscar. She, Diane, could be a four o’clock flower, opening at night and closing during the day. She has three faces. So does he. She and he, he and she—they wander together all night. He is tracking down the mother of his son Jose. She is searching for her lost dog. That night, Montreal is theirs, for better or for worse. Montreal is the flirt in a red dress. Montreal is the melting-pot city where diversity plays out as a constant, stunning symphony. But the path diverges from this Montreal to bring us to the world of the homeless, a kind of modern-day Court of Miracles where more and more laughter is required to keep from crying. What if this brutally honest portrayal of homelessness were, in fact, the true subject of the film? We find ourselves immersed in what could be a game of Marco Polo or a masquerade ball that plays out in one single night, over exactly 12 hours—from a dusk full of promises to a dawn full of disillusionment. Director/Producer/Writer Moussa Djigo.
Screening with: Ur Mines,
Moussa Djigo
Moussa Djigo
Moussa Djigo
Karim Babin, Philippe Racine, Ariel Ifergan, Leila Thibeault Louchem, Elizabeth Anne, Lise Martin, Pierre-Antoine Lasnier

Director Bio
Moussa Djigo is an award-winning Canadian director and writer born in Mauritania. He has a baccalaureate in Journalism and two master degrees, one in Mass communication, and another in Film studies. He is terminating a PhD on the new affirmative developments in Canadian Aboriginal cinema. Author of a book on Spike’s films, he has written, directed and produced two recent feature films. His last movie, Rosalie is selected in several international film festivals and has won the Best Feature Film award at Davinci International Film Festival in Los Angeles where it will showcased in the coming weeks. He lives in Montreal where he teaches cinema studies, and has found Mood Indigo Films, a production company.
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