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Short Films - Narrative and Documentary

Life - Invitational Film Selection
Ghana, 2017, 4 min., Color, English, Twi (Sub-titled)
U.S. PREMIERE- Once the only hope of his loved ones back in the village, today Kweku struggles to make ends meet in the city. Heʼs fallen and he's given up. He contemplates suicide... Life! was shot in Accra, the capital city of Ghana and stars non-professional actors. The main character played by Frimpong Kwame Daniel hadn't faced the camera before.
Ramesh Jai

Director Bio
Profile Award winning film maker, with over 20 years of experience in copy writing, video editing, producing, lighting and directing movies and TV Commercials. Experience OWNER, PRODUCER, DIRECTOR AT APEX ADVERTISING & POST PRODUCTION 1998-PRESENT After having graduated from the National Film And Television Institute (NAFTI, Accra) as a Film Director in 1990, I founded Apex Advertising & Post Production in 1998 after a few years of freelancing as a TV commercials writer and director. I have written, DOP’d, produced and directed hundreds of TV commercials in my over 20 years of professional life. Many have gone on to win accolades at the Gong Gong Awards organised by the Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG). I have directed ads for International brands such as Coca Cola, Mentos, Bournvita, Vodafone, Gino, Wrangler Jeans, etc. I have also written and directed a few short films namely ‘Thief!’ Date!’ and ‘Presence!’. A feature length film ‘6 Lovers of Melody’ I wrote and directed won a Prize in the Cross Cultural Category of the Black Film Makers Hall Of Fame Awards held in Oakland, California in 1996. Recently I have written, produced, edited and directed ‘Bad Luck Joe’ slated for release on the 5th of October. Professional Education 4 year Diploma Course Film Directing National Film And Television Institute (NAFTI) Accra
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