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Documentary Feature

bias - Invitational Selection
USA, 2018, 88 min., Color, English
FREE COMMUNITY SCREENING (ADD TICKET TO CART TO RSVP). TEXAS PREMIERE- The toxic effects of bias make headlines every day: sexual harassment, racial profiling, the pay gap. As humans, we are biased. Yet few of us are willing to admit it. We confidently make snap judgments, but we are shockingly unaware of the impact our assumptions have on those around us. The documentary feature bias follows filmmaker Robin Hauser on a journey to uncover her hidden biases and explore how unconscious bias defines relationships, workplaces, our justice system, and technology. bias contemplates the most pressing question: can we de-bias our brains? ASSOC. PRODUCER/EDITOR -Christie Herring In Attendance- Q&A MODERATOR: Phil Claybrooke- President, Metrics2Results.
Robin Hauser
Robin Hauser, Christie Herring
Christie Herring

Director Bio
Robin is the director and producer of cause-based documentary films at Finish Line Features and President ofUnleashed Productions. Robin’s award-winning film, CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2015, and has caught the attention of the international tech industry and of policy makers and educators in Washington, DC and abroad. Robin’s most recent documentary, bias, explores unconscious bias and how it affects us socially and in the workplace. She delivered a TED talk about the impact of unconscious bias on artificial intelligence, and has spoken at the White House, on Capitol Hill, and at conferences worldwide on topics including diversity and inclusion, the importance of ethical AI, and gender equality. Robin has been featured in international publications: Forbes, Fortune, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, USA Today, Wired, Marie Claire, San Francisco Business Times and has appeared on Bloomberg TV, CNN, NPR, CNBC. Robin is currently a diplomat for American Film Showcase and has screened her films at US embassies on multiple continents.Press
Christie Herring
Christie Herring is an award-winning editor, producer, and director who has worked in documentary filmmaking for over 20 years. She recently edited and produced Code: Debugging the Gender Gap and edited (with Jean Kawahara) NOVA’s Point of No Return. Christie’s credits include work with PBS, National Geographic, A&E, MBC1, the History Channel, and numerous nonprofit and corporate clients. Her ITVS-funded film The Campaign aired on public television and screened at numerous film festivals and universities. She received her MA in Documentary Filmmaking from Stanford University, was a 2013 San Francisco Film Society Film House Fellow, is a member-owner of New Day Films, and is a 2018 American Film Showcase Expert.
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