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Narrative Feature

The Broken Rose - Invitational Film Selection
USA, 2018, 112 min., Color, English
TEXAS PREMIERE- Rose is abandoned by her biological parents and forced to live in foster homes at a young age. During her time in foster care, she was physically, sexually and mentally abused. When she could no longer deal with the abuse and feeling no one would listen to her claims, Rose drops out of school, runs away and meets Shaka, an older man who is battling his own demons. Rose feels as if she has finally found her peace, and she starts pushing away her friends, devoting her life to Shaka. As time goes by Rose notices Shaka is manipulating her. Feeling obligated and fearful of Shaka, she stays and continues to do as told. After the consistent urging of a childhood friend named Brian and a cop named Richard, Rose plots her escape with Brian only to see Shaka is a formidable opponent and would not let her get away so easily. Producer/Writer Tyrone Dangerfield and William Uschold in attendance.
— Tyrone Dangerfield
Matthew McClelland
Tyrone Dangerfield, William Uschold
Tyrone Dangerfield, William Uschold

Director Bio
Matt McClelland is known for his work on The Operator (2016), The Broken Rose (2018) and Triads (2017).
Tyrone Dangerfield
A native of Oakland, California, Tyrone Dangerfield is a writer, producer and author who spent many years working as a ghost producer in the music industry while penning his first book, A Dangerfield Manifesto that documents his conflicting views of the law through his experiences with his Grandfather, a historic police figure and his Father, an addict who was murdered during a drug deal. After his book was published, Dangerfield shifted into film, appearing with Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams and Empire’s Malik Yoba in the film Question Bridge: Black Males, which is currently featured in the Smithsonian Museums National Museum of African American History and Culture. Sharing a mutual passion for creating and telling compelling narratives, Dangerfield partnered with his longtime friend, William Uschold to launch The Oakland Film Company which strives to create content that showcases the San Francisco Bay Area.
William Uschold
Born on the island of Guam, William Uschold is a visionary screenwriter with a strong love of music that manifested into a career writing music video treatments and producing many recording artist in the San Francisco Bay Area working with talented local artist such as Andi Roxx, Johnny Fresh, Mistah Fab and Tab Danger. Uschold was inspired to do film as a needed platform to showcase stories about issues that plagued his community. After being galvanized by narratives of human trafficking, Uschold partnered with his longtime collaborator Tyrone Dangerfield launching The Oakland Film Company, a production company that focuses on the parables straight from the streets of Oakland.