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Documentary Feature

16 Bars - Invitational Film Selection
USA, 2018, 83 min., Color, English
TEXAS PREMIERE- Grammy winner Todd Thomas—aka “Speech” of Arrested Development—leads a unique collaborative music workshop in a Virginia state penitentiary. 16 Bars is a feature length music documentary that offers a rare glimpse at the human stories — and songs — that are locked away in our nation’s jails and prisons. The film follows a unique rehabilitation effort in a Virginia jail that invites inmates to write and record original music. In the jail’s makeshift recording studio, 4 men collaborate on an album with a Grammy-winning recording artist, Todd “Speech” Thomas, from the iconic activist hip-hop group Arrested Development. As the creative process unfurls, each of these men must unearth painful memories from the past, which hold a key to a new chapter in their lives. With the U.S locking up more of its citizens per capita than any other nation on the planet, the music of 16 Bars serves as rare testimony to the raw and messy truth behind the criminal justice system‘s revolving door. Todd Thomas, aka "Speech" of Arrested Development, in Attendance.
Sam Bathrick

Director Bio
Sam Bathrick began his career as a refugee caseworker in West Africa, interviewing survivors of war- a job that would ignite his passion for human stories. He fell in love with New York while producing "Run For Your Life", a doc about the enigmatic founder of the NYC Marathon and spent some wild years chasing musicians through the streets of cities like Tokyo, Istanbul and Miami for the PBS travel series "Music Voyager." In 2017 he directed his first feature documentary "200 Miles", a Tribeca Film Festival premiere about a seemingly impossible run. Sam lives in Brooklyn, is a father, husband, and partner at Resonant Pictures.
Speech is an award winning artist, consistently pushing the artistic and social envelope. He, is the leader of the 2x Grammy Award winning hip-hop collective, Arrested Development. He and the group have been a ground-breaking force in Hip-hop culture since 91. Their debut album, “3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life of...” (EMI), sold over 4 million albums, earned them two Grammy awards for Best New Artist and Best Rap Single (Tennessee), 2 MTV awards, (People Everyday), a Soul Train Music Award, and the coveted NAACP Image Award. Rolling Stone magazine named them Band of The Year (92), while VH-1 named them one of the greatest Hip-hop artists of all time! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame even named the AD smash “Tennessee” one of the 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll. Speech has continued to be a trailblazer with the group and as a solo artist sharing stages with Nelson Mandela, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Hilary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, he is the categorical definition of legendary.
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