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Panels and Workshops
Bias Workshop (By Invitation Only)
120 min.
-Attendance Only By Special Invitation- TURNING UNCONSCIOUS BIAS INTO CONSCIOUS THOUGHT This workshop provides participants with a clearer understanding of their possible unconscious (implicit) biases and the effects on their behavior when interacting with others; reacting to events; and responding to situations. Many times, these behaviors may be unfavorable because implicit biases normally lack complete, accurate, or fact-based information. However, these biases can have significant control over our view of others and our view of the world around us. These biases are derived from two primary sources: 1) The unique environments that each of us grew up in and, 2) Our continued experiences with external situations and events. In addition to developing a greater self-awareness, an interactive dialogue is facilitated between the participants to allow for a better understanding of differing backgrounds and perspectives. The course is designed for participants to self-examine, recognize, and self-choose to correct unfavorable behaviors towards others and adverse responses to situations and events. Our diverse list of clients Includes National Public Radio (NPR), Home Depot, City of Dallas, Mansfield Independent School District, Coppell Independent School District, Dallas Regional Chamber, Choctaw Nation, Collin College, Preston Trail Community Church, Chickasaw Nation, Dallas Independent School District, Americas Chambers of Commerce, The Texas Legends, and others. WORKSHOP FACILIATOR: Phil Clayborne, President, Metrics2Results. Christie Herring, Associate Producer/Editor of the film bias, will be in attendance.
Phil Claybrooke

Phil Claybrooke
CEO, M2R Inc. Phil has over 25 years of executive experience. His corporate career has Included leadership and facilitation roles in diversity & inclusion, cultural transition, and coaching and training. His corporate experiences include corporations such as IBM, Honeywell, Johnson Controls as well as locally with TDIndustries. Phil has served in the United States Army; attended Schoolcraft College - Livonia Michigan, Phillips Academy – Andover Massachusetts, and the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Michigan. He is the co-founder and CEO of Metrics2Results, Inc. (M2R). M2R is a corporation committed to creating a better understanding of the affect that unconscious (implicit) bias can have on an individual’s and organization’s success; as well as an organization’s ability to attract and retain high-talent individuals M2R’s mission statement: Provide services that assist organizations and individuals in realizing the full advantages of inclusion. M2R’s two core businesses are leadership development and business consulting: Leadership Development Training is focused in two specific areas; 1) Implicit (Unconscious) Bias Awareness and 2) Change Management & Transformational Leadership,
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