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Stuck (work-in progress)
90 min.
A ballerina with a baby and a coke habit. A regret-filled sister caught between her head and her heart. A country singer hiding out in her hometown. And at the center - one woman struggling to remember them all through the veil of her fading memories. STUCK is a fiercely independent female-driven art film that explores what it's like to lose your mind- whether it's through Alzheimer's disease, addiction, or trying to control someone else's disease. STUCK is a micro-budget feature with a $50,000 cash budget raised from 200 grass-roots backers. An additional 150 people volunteered their time, talent, and resources with in-kind contributions tallying up to $150,000. The film was shot on location in Dallas, TX with 99% of the cast and crew being locally sourced. Filmmaker in Attendance
Jenni Tooley

Director Bio
Actress and producer, known for Boyhood (2014), Bottle Rocket (1996) and The Safety of Others (2007).
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