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April 17-26, 2020 • Fair Park and Select Venues • Dallas, TX

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Sonic Sea
USA, 2016, 63 min.
Beneath the vast blue expanse of the ocean, marine life — from beluga whales to sleek seals and clicking crabs — depend on sound for survival, prosperity and communication. And collectively, sea animals create a vast symphony that fills the deep blue each day. But humans are injecting an ever-increasing amount of man-made noise in the ocean — through shipping, military exercises and other practices — and this accumulation of sound is threatening entire ecosystems. Sonic Sea examines the destructive effects of sonic pollution in the world’s oceans, and digs into ways that humans can reduce the impacts by making the sea a more serene place for its vital inhabitants.
Michelle Dougherty, Daniel Hinerfield
Michelle Dougherty, Daniel Hinerfield
Christopher S. Johnson

Director Bio
Michelle Dougherty is a designer and director at Imaginary Forces, a creative company that specializes in visual storytelling and brand strategy. She has directed projects ranging from graphic design to feature film marketing and title sequences.

Daniel Hinerfield directs and produces films and videos for the Natural Resources Defense Council. His journalism and commentary has appeared in publications such as Rolling Stone, The Washington Post and NPR.
Screenings Co-presented by:
Thin Line Film Festival, National Resources Defense Council