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Underneath The Grey
BLOCK 11 When an inspiring singer Jessica is romantically interested in a blind man, Ethan, they'll soon to discover the spirit of their new found relationship.
Walk All Night: A Drumbeat Journey
BLOCK 15 An idealistic social worker initiates an ambitious project to take a group of street musicians to West Africa. Fascinated by the sounds of bucket drummers she meets on Chicago's south side, Elilta Tewelde aspires to connect the young men to their African heritage through music.
Walk with Me: The Trials of Damon J. Keith
BLOCK 4 It may be the greatest story you never heard.      Walk With Me: The Trials of Judge Damon J. Keith tells the story of ten extraordinary years, four groundbreaking cases, and one unconventional federal judge, whose rulings forever changed the face of civil rights in the United States.
Word Warriors III
BLOCK 8 WORD WARRIORS III sounds the alarm, calling an end to the cyclical epidemic of self- destruction that has attacked our black boys and young black men. A powerful social commentary that explores the circumstances of young African American men in today’s society, and explores the concept of using one’s words as a weapon vs. guns and violence.
Workshop: A Conversation with Ya'Ke Smith
FREE EVENT: A Conversation with Film Director and UT-Arlington Film Professor Ya'Ke Smith, featuring clips from his work. He will discuss his catalogue of films, his process and give tips to filmmakers on how to take their idea from concept to the big screen. Moderator: Mesha George
Workshop: Script to Screen "How to Make a Low Budget Film Under 100K
Script to screen will provide students with a hands on, overview of all elements of filmmaking, from the treatment of the script, art design to the production and editing to final distribution. from developing a budget, business plan, investors memorandum, distribution, hiring crew and cast (How to get a recognizable name for your film.)