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Right in The Eye - A Live Score/ Silent film based on the cinematographic works of Georges Méliès

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October 20, 2018
Doors 6:30pm
Showtime 8:00pm
Texas Theatre (map)
231 W. Jefferson Blvd
Dallas TX 75208

A Live Movie-concert based on the cinematographic works
of Georges Méliès! A creation by french composer Jean-François Alcoléa

Drawing its inspiration from the fictional fantasy
worlds of such features as The impossible voyage the movie concert Right in the eye presents a modern rendition of the poetic and playful universe of Georges Méliès by aptly serving
both its images and its narrative.

The films:
The Four Troublesome Heads
The Impossible Voyage
Divers at Work on the Wreck of the "Maine"
The Lilliputians and the Giants
Panorama from Top of a Moving Train
Fat and Lean Wrestling Match
The Marvelous Living Fan
An Impossible Balancing Feat
The Kingdom of Fairies
The Dwarf and the Giant

An original composition is arranged for each film, thus producing a unique piece, harmoniously integrated into the entire production comprising RIGHT IN THE EYE.



Concept, musical compositions and sound creation, melodica, keyboard, piano

structure, objects: Jean François Alcoléa

Drum, guitar: Fabrice Favriou

Sound, keyboard, percussions, objects: Stéphane Brunet

Light manager, video: Noémie Mancia


En plein dans l’œil (Right in the Eye) is a Pasoa / Alcoléa & cie production, with partnerships from Lobster Films, Nuances Pianos and Jazz à Poitiers.  With the support of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and Institut français, the SPEDIDAM, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and Institut français, as part of the program Kids Trail

Co-Presented by the Dallas Film Society



All Ages