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Kessler Presents is committed to providing the safest environment possible for its upcoming shows and we appreciate your patience as we work toward a return to normal.  All our show staff are vaccinated and/or tested and will be wearing masks/face coverings.  In addition, we support the artists who request the additional safety protocols.  
Specifically at the request of the artist, the following health and safety requirements have been implemented for all attendees at this show: Rickie Lee Jones
In attending this event, you attest that you and all persons in your party: 
    - will provide a negative COVID-19 test result from a diagnostic test taken within 48 hours prior to attending the event;
    - fully vaccinated patrons may provide proof of vaccination by showing your vaccination card (at least 2 weeks after final dose), instead of negative test results;
    - will wear a mask/face covering at all times at the venue.
If you are unable to adhere to any of these requirements and purchased your tickets directly through the venue (via Prekindle), you may request a refund by September 24 at this link: https://www.prekindle.com/support .
We understand the challenges the virus has caused for all of us and truly appreciate your understanding during these times. Like you, we look forward to the day when we are back to conducting business as usual. 

Rickie Lee Jones

There are few careers that come close to mirroring Rickie Lee Jones’ emancipated and starry flight across our musical skies.  The two-time Grammy winner first appeared on the scene in Los Angeles in the mid-1970s, and in her wake came such a wide scope of women, from country, pop and punk.   It’s hard to believe she collected and released so many wild icons, but she did.  

For she was the first of her kind, crooning “My Funny Valentine” in lounge singer heels.  She rocked like Mick Jagger and ground her hips like Tina Turner. She was the beginning of the nebulous, ethereal personality-driven voices of women who dominate music today. 

Her acclaimed memoir Last Chance Texaco, released in the spring of 2021, is “as rich and colorful as Jones’s best lyrics,” writes The New York Times.  “It’s a classically American picaresque tale, a recounting of a life in which she “lived volumes…””  Jones sets the record straight and illuminates her journey far beyond any music memoir.   Her story is an American story.   As The New Yorker describes, “she reads as a modern Huck Finn.”  

At 66 years of age, Rickie Lee Jones has staked her claim as an American songwriter who helped shape the language of music we all call our own.