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Featuring: Michael Henry, Kenny Lee, Brian Kim, George-Redd Speaks, Rafael Ramirez, Elmira Alvi, & Nimesh Patel
Hosted By: Noah “Shark” Robertson
SWIMMING WITH SHARKS is where talented and experienced comedians share the stage with first-timers and open-mic’ers in a late-night talk show-meets-podcast setting. The show is hosted by musician and comedian Noah “Shark” Robertson and features a rotating cast of co-hosts, featured guests, strange characters, and more! The purpose of this showcase (besides pure entertainment, of course) is to test comedians and give them a chance to navigate something new and unexpected; an opportunity to be in the moment, try their patience, adapt on the fly, and improvise. It’s sink or swim! You never know what is going to happen at a Swimming with Sharks Comedy Showcase! The show often features interviews, game show antics, audience involvement, insane distractions, video enhancement, costumed characters, sketches, and more! Come watch comedians get THROWN TO THE SHARKS! Come witness the madness and be a part of chaos at the next SWIMMING WITH SHARKS Comedy Showcase!