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April 17-26, 2020 • Fair Park and Select Venues • Dallas, TX

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Farmer’s Footprint: Regeneration - The Beginning
How we eat has profound effects on the health of our planet and ourselves. Farmer’s Footprint examines the issue through the perspective of farmers and scientists.
Feel of Vision
after Lonnie Bedwell was blinded in a hunting accident, he discovered a new freedom and possibility in whitewater kayaking. And it wasn’t long before he was shattering boundaries. Bedwell became the first blind person to kayak the entire length of the Colorado River.
Ghost Fleet
Thailand’s seafood industry is one of the largest in the world. But years of illegal and invasive fishing have forced boats further and further from shore, leaving then chronically undermanned. And an insidious solution has emerged: human traffickers sell captives into slavery on the ships.
Greenland Melts
Dr. Konrad Steffan, one of the world’s leading climate scientists, has witnessed firsthand the steady march of climate change — he’s been monitoring the melting of Greenland’s Ice Sheet for over 25 years.
Grizzly Country
When Doug Peacock returned from serving in Vietnam, he was broken. So he went to the only place he felt comfortable: the wilderness. And slowly, he found solace in the hulking, powerful, humbling presence of grizzly bears.
Hot Science: Living on Mars
It’s dusty, barren, unfriendly, rockstrewn and extraordinarily far away. But will humans ever live on Mars?
Hot Science: The Science of Superheroes
What’s really happening when Thor’s hammer hits the shield, when Monica Rambeau changes her matter into light, or when Iron Man discovers a breakthrough in his equipment? Well, it’s science.
Into the Canyon
When photojournalist Pete Mcbride and author Kevin Fedarko set out to hike the entire length of the Grand Canyon, they learn the hard way why only a handful of humans have pulled off the feat.
She swore like a sailor, sang like a canyon wren, fought with her whole heart and was never afraid to explore canyon country naked. Katie Lee was a spitfire activist, river goddess and folk-singing warrior for wild places.
In Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy, rangers devote their lives to caring for and protecting Sudan, the last male white rhino, along with Sudan’s daughter and granddaughter. It’s a privilege and duty they take seriously, no matter how fruitless it can seem.